Typically I get called in by a CEO, CMO, HR Director or Sales Director, to help them identify where their capabilities could be lifted, and to address this with programmes that enable their culture to become more engaged, creative and alive. A by-product of this is the teams become more effective in creating better value for their customers. I support them in daring imagination, designing their purpose, tools, frameworks, their processes, ways of working and culture – and develop the skills and behaviours of their people and teams.

Sensei value model

What makes the programs stand out is our focus on disruption capability building at both the organisational and the individual level, coupled with the practical business experience garnered from over 25+ years at the top level within corporates. Our first step is to with your assistance IDENTIFY where your organisation and individuals are on the Sensei Excellence model. We tailor programs whether your participants are at White Belt all the way through to Black Belt / Sensei. Our aim is to help you drive an Excellence culture.

Disruptive Capability Enablers

Over the years, we have developed a proven, practical and user orientated approach to planning and implementing disruptive capability development strategies and programmes. This is based on working through three important stages.

The above competencies are the ones where we have run programs and are the ones where disruption flourishes.

Disruptive Capability Modules


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