Mark Truelson is not your everyday speaker. He leads from the heart and brings love and emotion to the normally sterile world of disruption.

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Mark is an innovator, motivator, storyteller and catalyst for change.

He is a disruption capability expert who has worked with many of this regions leading companies: CUB, BlackRock, Mondelez, Pepsi, SAB Miller, Fonterra, Cadbury, Heinz, Coles, Schweppes, Laminex, AFL, Treasury Wine Estates, Asahi, Golden Circle and Kraft. What sets him apart from an array of speakers is Mark’s ability to highlight your problem, provide an inspiring solution and leave you feeling that you have been to a Bruce Springsteen concert!!

Mark believes in the incredible wealth of passion, talent and enthusiasm that already resides within the hearts of the humans whom you call employees, co-workers or peers. But perhaps your team has been feeling a bit burdened by doubt lately. You know there’s major potential to be fulfilled. And yet, the creativity and imagination has not been overflowing as much as it once was. You might say your workplace culture has become sticky, slow, quiet… even complacent.

Mark has seen a growing issue in many of today’s corporate workplaces. You may’ve seen this too. It’s employee disengagement. A lot of workplaces aren’t doing enough to challenge, invigorate and inspire their employees (many of whom will spend most of their working lives in corporate!).

The result?

And, worst of all, self-doubt.

To Mark, there’s nothing more tragic than when a human questions his or her worth. He provides the tools to employees that can disrupt dormancy in the workplace – the very dormancy that fuels doubt, dismay, and even personal crisis.

These tools aren’t just business-savvy. They’re personally transformative!

If so, it may well be time to infuse some disruption into your workplace! Let’s unlock the imagination and creativity that all innovative ability requires – and, in turn, help your employees feel really, really good about themselves, and their work.


1. The Sum of Us – Disruption is not a solo pursuit. Together is Better.

2. Loveology – Disruption occurs when we ignite the PASSION from within.

3. Fame – Marketing Growth comes from Better Marketers not Fancy Ads.

4. Superior – Bringing the Soul back into Sales. Three steps in front.

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