The journey of self-destruction to self-disruption is the elixir that drives me to wake up every morning. The magic of ‘disruption’ is that we can all invent a different pathway to pursue. We use the term ‘disruption’ to describe the place where the things we love to do and the things we are good at come together. Not only does this leave us more fulfilled it also ensures that our communities and workplaces thrive

Personal Disruption Value Model








Disrupting yourself is essential to your wellbeing and ultimate success. This doesn’t mean there is an Olympic gold medallist or rock singer in all of us. However, we all possess distinctive talents and passions that when combined can ignite a cause that can inspire us to achieve far more than we may imagine. Understanding this changes everything. It also offers us our best and perhaps our only promise for genuine and ongoing success in a world where opportunities reward the brave.

Personal Disruption Process Model


People who undertake self-disruption are in the enviable space of doing what they love and being true to themselves. Time passes by differently. Days are filled with energy as those ‘freedom fighters’ become more alive, more centred and more vibrant than at any other time of their existence. is centred on ‘building disruptive capability’. We do this by connecting your passions with your natural potential. We offer capability programs that can be delivered via:

•    keynote speeches (inspire)

•    training (develop)

    facilitation of workshops / events (build)

    mentoring / coaching (sustain)


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