Leadership Value Model

We are facing an unprecedented time of disruption and yet our Leadership is not equipped to ensure that they can ignite the passion from within the Organisation. In conjunction with OPIC (a pioneering Organizational Psychologist Consultancy) we have delved into the capability that Leaders will require into the future.

Leadership Capability Model


The concept of leadership has been the subject of much debate and endless streams of research.

The great challenge with leadership is defining what it is and why it’s important within an organisation.

When we talk to our clients we understand that organisations, particularly large matrix structured organisations, have common needs. Those needs turn out to be highly correlated with much of the research which seeks to explain and identify the elements of a high performance organisation.

This leads to an obvious question:

“What type of leaders could help us build these attributes?”

Rather than concerning itself around the semantics of leadership, we concern ourself with the following questions:

a)  Is it possible to identify leaders that have the attributes and potential to create the elements of a high performance organisation?

b)  Can these be described within the common set of capabilities that allow a meaningful comparison of the capability and potential of candidates or existing staff members?

c)  How can these candidates both be identified and developed to be better future leaders?

This led to a number of research projects over the years which has led OPIC to its Executive Capability Framework.

The framework has been specifically named and conceptualised to break down and identify the common requirements of leadership roles and the attributes of leaders that are most likely to lead the high performance organisation.

Conventional attempts to tackle these challenges are typically fixed and rigid.

But it won’t last. It cant last.

To build for the future of work, we need something different.

We need to disrupt ourselves.


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