“The single biggest problem in the corporate world is that LOVE has been locked in the closet” John Mackey, CEO Wholefoods

FACT:  According to a recent survey by Towers Watson, which included 90,000 workers around the world, about 72% of Australia employees are not fully engaged in their work (globally this figure is 79%)

What law decrees that our organizations have to be bureaucratic, inertial and politicized, or that life within them has to be disempowering, dispiriting and often downright boring? No law we know of. So why not build organizations that are highly adaptable, endlessly inventive and truly inspiring? Why not indeed?

Love is a major management challenge. It is managers who empower individuals and create the space for them to excel, or not. It is managers who help to articulate a compelling purpose and story and then make it a rallying cry or not. It is managers who demonstrate praise-worthy values or not. It is managers who can build creative confidence or not. It is managers who can empower innovation from everyone or not. The future of Management needs a new ideology. All you need is love!

For most of us we turn up to work willing to be obedient, diligent and even offer our expertise from time to time. Great companies align with purpose-driven ideology that inspires it’s employees to produce a lot more. Without even knowing, passion driven employees are amping up initiatives and delivering with creativity. Passion can make people do stupid things, but it’s the secret sauce that turns this intent into accomplishment. Harvard Professor Teresa Annabille has found in her research that the number one motivator of employee performance is ‘making progress’.

I have teamed up with leading speaker, author and mentor Stephen Scott Johnson to bring the LOVEOLOGY experience to emergent corporates

Loveology – “ignite passion and purpose to fuel a cultural movement”

Loveology value model

If we are going to improve engagement we have have to start by admitting that if employees aren’t as enthusiastic, impassioned, and excited as they could be, it’s not because work sucks; it’s because management blows” Gary Hamel

Toxic to Emergent Culture Ladder

Wherever your organisation locates on the culture ladder the goal is to level-up so that day-to-day workflow becomes less reactive and is more connected, considered and adaptive.

Traditional approaches to culture change and corporate innovation fail because they are void of the vital tenets of conscious leadership and co-ownership. CATALYST™ ignites purpose and diffuses the tension of change so that it becomes a co-created and aspirational quest.

Ensure the success of your most important projects and level-your-people-up with a new essential toolset and techniques to transform culture and innovation.

Loveology Pash-O-Meter

We are very flexible as to how we bring the Loveology experience to your workplace. Our preferred way is to initially undertake a corporate wide culture audit, a 2 day workshop followed by a 12 month mentoring program that distils itself into a plethora of action orientated ideas and corporate story.

Love Matrix

Typically following our workshop your organization is well and truly ready to live the Loveology reality

The three key implementation steps are:

1.    Mend the soul

2.   Build Commitment

3.   Amplify Love

Need to shift from Rhetoric to Reality

“There is a tremendous goodwill around making the world of work more human – designed to promote more freedom, equity, engagement and passion. Why then can these words sound so cheap? When we hear them repeated over and over by leaders of all stripes?” Polly Labarre

Loveology: “Loving Your Way to Success”.


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