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1. The Sum of Us – Disruption is not a solo pursuit. Together is Better.

2. Loveology – Disruption occurs when we ignite the PASSION from within.

3. Fame – Marketing Growth comes from Better Marketers not Fancy Ads.

4. Superior – Bringing the Soul back into Sales. Three steps in front.


Add one of these sessions to extend the impact of having Mark speaking at your conference.

Note: These presentations can also be delivered as main platform sessions where appropriate.


1 Building Emotional Brands – How to differentiate your brands from the mundane

A stimulating session that will help you mine for insights, develop the elements of your brand storyboard and focus on all resultant activity on the heart of your brand.

2 Selling the Strategy – Delivering Marketing Plans with Impact

A provocative guide that enables Marketers to sell their strategy and plans into the business with pride and conviction. No more cluttered slides and data dumps!! Win your slice of the corporate budget with presentations that sing with impact.

3 Stories with Impact – Personal, Brand & Corporate

A step by step guide that helps you define the soul of your brand and the story that is authentic and resonates. Helps your brand connect with consumers, your organization engage with employees
and you live up to your potential.


4 Twelve Creative Archetypes – How to build your organisations creative confidence

A highly interactive experience which raises enthusiasm and awareness around creativity and innovation. We share our learning’s on creativity; creative behavior & skills and creative state. We bring to life the universal world of Archetypes to prove we can all be creative. We fire enthusiasm around the ‘magic’ and build a solid structure for idea generation. People leave knowing they can be creative, have better ideas and confidence around their own ability.

5 Master Practitioner – Are you ready to change the World?

A ‘mojo maker’ that embeds prowess and mastery around creativity & innovation. Our focus is combining the ‘doing’ of creativity with the ‘being’. You will leave with tools and techniques, an elevated creative state and the confidence to facilitate amazing outcomes.


6 The Idea Detective – How to solve your organisation’s problems like Columbo

Stuck in a rut, bored, dissatisfied, uninspired? Feel like it is Groundhog Day? Got a problem to solve you don’t know how to solve? Isn’t it amazing the popularity of the detective genre? What makes these detective shows (Columbo, CSI, Criminal Minds and countless movies) so addictive is the effortless way in each episode they solve some grizzly crime in less than 60 minutes. Following the same steps … so can you!

7 IDEA + – Embedding Innovation throughout your whole organization

“Innovation from Anyone, Anywhere” is a powerful, jam-packed work stream that immerses Innovation Leaders in the process of innovation. From strategy to implementation, you will explore what
it takes to make incremental and disruptive innovation happen via the IDEA+ framework.

8 Igniting Possibilities – Selling in the Innovation Story

If you are Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg you probably do not need to apply. For the rest of us mortals you need a way to sell in your innovation project that will win over the naysayers and cynics. Storytelling is flipped on its head and momentum and energy is amplified.

9 Leading Innovation – Building Communities of Passion

Senior Executives play a crucial role in the innovation game – signaling what behaviors are valued and not, proactively seeking energy leaks, embedding the innovation agenda into their business and managing the inevitable tensions that arise between today’s business and tomorrow’s. This is a primer around what Innovation Leadership looks like and what your key considerations are when you are leading for incremental versus disruptive innovation.


10 Leading Disruption – Building your bench strength through Thought Leadership

Whilst it is seen as a glib term -: “People are our greatest assets”; it will ultimately be the greatest technological disruption over the next twenty years. Accountants will become advisors; athletes will become influencers. It will be our thoughts that will sell, not our job titles. Far from being an internal threat, Thought Leadership will position your business as a disruptor and will engage your staff to aspire for greatness.

11   Stand Up  – Culture with provocative humor

Perfect for the notorious after dinner slot. Working with Barry award winning comedian Jason Marion we engage with your senior leaders and with your business to mine for cultural insights to send up
the topical controversies of the time. Thick skins required!!


12 The Storytellers Toolkit  – Igniting Purpose & Passion with Stories

The way we engage with our audience falls somewhere between two extreme poles: reports and stories. Supporting this is two polar opposite personnas: the investigator and the storyteller. Reports inform, while stories resonate. To engage with resonance we provide the tools and methodology to amplify your impact.

13 Storytellers  – Speaking & Presentation savvy with stories

Our aim is not to focus on your fears but to ignite the passion of your audience. Presentations should not be an explanation but an experience. Our aim is for you to inspire movements and for influence to be embedded through your teams. Storytelling is the secret sauce.


14 Disrupt U – Turning self destruction to self disruption

The journey of self-destruction to self-disruption is the elixir that drives me to wake up every morning. The magic of ‘disruption’ is that we can all invent a different pathway to pursue. We use the term ‘disruption’ to describe the place where the things we love to do and the things we are good at come together. Not only does this leave us more fulfilled it also ensures that our communities and workplaces thrive.

15 Springsteen & I – The 7 steps to building Brand You

Taking lessons from the great Bruce Springsteen we identify your brand storyboard, your purpose, passions and your undeniable story. You leave with a strategic plan that will unleash your true potential.


16 StrikeFit – Kick start your conference with a UFC blitz

Working with world renowned K1 & Muay Thai fighter Mark Mullan, this turbo charged session explores physical, mental & emotional considerations in building a successful culture. Starting with sparring and finishing with ground breaking ‘breathing’ techniques this is an unforgettable conference booster.

17 Story Builder – Amplify your vision and values via story, movie or song

Sick and tired of workshops where everything is left on butcher paper and nothing is embedded and sustainable. This rich and engaging session utilizes the talents of script writers, movie producers and talented musicians to make sure your purpose, mission, and story sticks.

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