Whether it be with my kids or those in Corporates, I love working with individuals who have a set of values that we take very seriously.

For what it is worth these are my families – TRUEL

TENACITY: Explosive Drive. Energy givers not takers. It is about the buzz of rolling up the sleeves to make ideas happen. It is about seeing work as a calling, as a way to make a positive difference in the world

RESPECT: Do the right thing. Saying it like it is, rejoicing in being vulnerable, having the guts to say “I don’t know” and being prepared to go find out. Being empathetic to everyone’s journey.

UNITY: The power & spirit of collaboration.  The oneness and equality of all. The strength and momentum that begets a united force. Buying in to a Team Sport. Fanatical about Process. Obsessed with the end goal.

EXCELLENCE: Think Big. Make an impact in the world. Make things happen. Step off the path. See what others don’t. The ability to transcend negative experiences into positive ones. The willingness to experiment, to be brave and try new things.

LOVE: Contagious Passion. In it together for the long haul. True partners willing to give real feedback. Embracing the tougher side of love. It is all about knowing no matter the challenge, the ‘right’ thing stands the test of time.


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