Mark was instrumental in creating i-nova, Fosters Global Innovation & Insights Hub. Like everything Mark does, the impact was delivered with passion, creativity and enormous energy!! Mark is a joy to work with and he is very generous with his knowledge and insight from his many years of helping others to be more innovative.
Steve Arthurson, People Director at API

I gave Mark the challenge to set up a team to deliver a new beer innovation in 90 days. The team he led created Pure Blonde in 76 days and it soon became CUB’s third largest beer. It wasn’t just product innovation. His i-nova team developed a platform where culture & disruption could flourish. Love to bottle his energy!!
John Murphy, Former Managing Director of Fosters Group

Mark ignited the passions of my crew with the initiation of the Asahi Way of Marketing. Mark is very adaptive in his approach. What started as a request to ‘author’ the Marketing Way soon became the development of training manuals that we then used to facilitate many brand-building initiatives. My team always embraced the mentorship & great energy from any one of Mark’s sessions, especially when turning theory into impact.
Michael Edmonds, Marketing Director Asahi Premium Beverages

Having experienced the transformational power of a strong marketing capability program at Mars, I was keen to build a similar program at Schweppes. Mark was the perfect partner to bring in to assist in developing and delivering the program. His previous experience in marketing capability frameworks combined with his raw energy and passion ensured the team were engaged, inspired and grew as marketers.
Troy McKinna, Founder of The Agents of Spring Agency

After getting Mark onboard to integrate the Global Mondelez Marketing Way into our regional system, we briefed Mark to establish a better way to work with our roster of agencies. Mark coordinated a collaborative approach and we soon adopted the IDEA+ methodology that dramatically improved our partnership model, our briefing and our focus on big ideas as a way of currency.
Ben Wicks, Marketing Director Mondelez

The work Mark has done as an employee with CUB and as an external consultant has left a lasting legacy. Whether it be implementing an Innovation culture or a Marketing Capability program, his impact is still evident with even our youngest employees. Mark brings passion and energy with every project we engage him on and he always delivers the spark when required.
Richard Oppy, Marketing Director CUB.

I have worked with Mark at Heinz, Twinnings & Orora and I have always been impressed at Mark’s ability to fuse storytelling in building brands, facilitating the sales conversation and improving the internal politics that occur across silos. What often would start as a brief to inspire our sales force with the power of storytelling, often would end in discussions on how we best engage our customers. As an added bonus everyone always seem energized and having fun in his sessions.
Chris Smith, General Manager – Marketing & Sales Orora

The engagement in Fosters was at an all time low and one big strategy that ignited the enthusiasm of the Leadership Team was the establishment of FAME (Fosters Achieving Marketing Excellence). Mark and his team co-created a body of work that not only became the Way of Marketing within Australia but it was subsequently rolled out globally.
Simon Marton, Chief Marketing Officer Treasury Wine Estates

Having being giving the daunting task of developing a long term vision and strategy for Heinz Beverages we engaged Mark to help us create a plan and story that would stick. On the back of this, Mark also worked with our Golden Circle brand team to reinvent the way consumers connected with the brand.
Katie Saunders, General Manager Simplot

Having established a highly successful Intraprenuer Program at Mondelez, we engaged Mark to not only upscale our Innovation and Creativity skill base but also focused delivery of disruptive projects from each participant. The culmination was an unveiling to our Senior Leaders and a disruption platform for our culture to build upon.
Angeline Achariya, General Manager, Food Innovation Centre, Mondelez

Mark has been instrumental in developing a disruptive mindset within our culture. We are all about ‘rolling up the sleeves’ and Mark has energized an Innovation Capability that has meant that we have stayed ahead of the game.
Jamie Lobina, CEO Superior Sales Force

We have worked with Mark on a number of projects over the past decade and I have always been impressed with his willingness to build partnerships and let creative do what they do best…and be creative. Mark’s ability to cut away the clutter and help define the core issue is invaluable in this day of the complicated.
Paul McMillan, MD Clemenger BBDO

Mark helped us define our sales point of difference and has been instrumental in bringing to life our ‘brewery, bar beyond program’. Whilst the focus has been on skills and capability, Mark brings a mentoring capacity that has been invaluable for our Senior Leadership team.
Mark Goulmy, General Manager – Coopers Premium Beverages

I have engaged Mark across my various paths and he has always brought an energetic, disruptive angle. Whether it is been building brand & corporate stories or inspiring an innovative framework, Mark has always amped up the ‘pash-o-meter’ of the businesses that I have worked with.
Maurice McGrath, CEO Tomorrow Entertainment

Mark took us out of our comfort zone in introducing us to ACE – Archetypal Creativity Evaluation. It was great seeing the team’s confidence rise in relation to personal capability. Building Creative Confidence is a mantra that we are taking forward and Mark’s keynote and workshops truly made us believe we could achieve.
Craig Frost, GM People Strategy RACV.

Mark is different because he’s actually been in the trenches and done it…marketing, sales – So when he stands up and delivers a message, he has real gravitas. What he says matters, he is a non –stop inspiration.
Paul Donaldson, Vice President Strategy: Asia Pacific at AB Inbev

I have engaged Mark in briefs that have covered Heinz Corporate Story, Golden Circle Brand Story & Liqourland Relaunch. He always gets the best out of our teams and I have always valued his advisory capacity with the different roles I have had.
Cameron Macfarlane, Founder of The Bucha of Byron

An Australian gem! Mark is a global expert in disruptive storytelling and has a gift for helping organisations break free from their institutionalised conservatism. he’s my go-to person when Brands are business leaders stuck in nostalgia, denial or inertia. And he is a great guy to work with.
Ben Crowe, Founder of Unscriptd

As a newly developed team, Laminex Marketing worked with Mark to craft our team purpose and brand story. Mark brought a proven framework and worked with us to deliver it in a compelling way. Mark’s delivery is always engaging and the team were energised after each session. Importantly, the content and learnings live on.
Tina Randello, General Manager Marketing at Laminex


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