The Disruptive Butterfly

Excerpt from my contribution to Gabrielle Dolan’s book – “Stories at Work”

People often ask why my brand logo is a butterfly. The butterfly always reminds me of the power of self, of family and of reinvention. It also represents a personal metamorphosis to me – from my successful corporate career to a breakdown. I had established a hard, protective cocoon that needed to be broken open so I could be reborn again.

Once I acknowledged my purpose with a little bit of help from my family and friends, my caterpillar-form liquefied and regrouped anew.

The four wings of the butterfly also represent my four children, including my stillborn Carla, whose tragic passing was represented by the butterfly at her funeral.

I share this with you because I know my own journey has helped me build the disruptive capability in myself. I know I can help provoke the entrepreneurial mindsets and creative mentalities of your people and inspire them to connect to a passion for life, entirely.

When I emerged from my mental breakdown I made a pact that I would not hide behind it.

I would put it on the table. I would not be ashamed. I would be truthful. I have always been referred to as someone who is positive, passionate and high energy. It dawned on me that if I could succumb to depression and anxiety there must be a ton of people out there who are suffering in silence. I said to myself that if the mind could become so negative and paranoid it could also become productive and rich.


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