What is the purpose of life or your brand? This is a BIG question! When people find their disruptive space it is because they can connect with something fundamental to their sense of identity, purpose and wellbeing. Being there provides a sense of self -revelation, of defining who they really are and what they’re really meant to be doing with their lives. This is why people who understand their identity and what their life purpose is, will often define it as an ‘epiphany’.

To understand your identity you have to know what you stand for. This comes from self-reflection as well listening to other people’s opinions of you. For many of us, this is easier said than done. Understanding your identity is like eating an artichoke. You need to pull away the leaves to get to the core – the driver of your passions. Understanding your identity is an integral part of finding your disruption. A key to finding your freedom is to know what your aptitudes are.

Aptitudes are the natural talents that you are born with or the root strengths your brand exudes. Some aptitudes are evident early in life and some emerge when the opportunity arises. But being in a disruptive is more than doing things you are good at. Many people are good at things they don’t really care for. To find your freedom you have to love it, too. As Confucius said. “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”.

Getting to the core of your identity we delve into the following:

•    Who you are (personality, values, essence)?

•    What are your strengths?

•    What are your passions?

•    Where are you now? What’s next?

•    What is your story?

A key part of ‘Design’ is using our proprietary tools and frameworks to outline the process where you can find your purpose, your idea, your story et al.


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