Hello there! My name is Mark Truelson, and welcome to marktruelson.com
If you were looking for me, clearly you’ve found the right place!

Not only am I Australia’s biggest Bruce Springsteen fan*, I’m also a speaker, author, mentor who builds disruptive capability programs for marketing teams using innovation, branding and storytelling tactics. I specialise in servicing the FMCG industry and come from a 25-year career in sales and marketing with big alcohol companies.

I believe in the incredible wealth of passion, talent and enthusiasm that already resides within the hearts of the humans whom you call employees, co-workers or peers. But perhaps your team has been feeling a bit burdened by doubt lately. You know there’s major potential to be fulfilled. And yet, the creativity and imagination has not been overflowing as much as it once was. You might say your workplace culture has become sticky, slow, quiet… even complacent.

If so, it may well be time to infuse some disruption into your workplace!

I help teams and individuals disrupt complacency and replace it with creative enthusiasm. Disruptive capability programs invigorate a mindset of self-belief and enthusiasm, guided by the practical application of innovation, branding and storytelling tools that deliver impressive results.

The disruption capability programs that I offer find their roots in the 3D Model (Dare, Design, Do) and flip feelings of disengagement or dormancy upside down. These programs help your marketing team rediscover imagination and creative passion again. Better yet, they help the humans on your team discover more of a personal stake in the success of the team as a whole through their individual growth.

There’s something spectacular in being a part of a workplace whose leaders are invested in the personal growth, self-expression and empowerment of its employees.

I should know: I worked for over 25 years in corporate (with roles including Global Director of Innovation for Fosters Group and General Manager of Marketing Services for CUB). I loved working in corporate!

And yet, as a consultant, I have seen a growing issue in many of today’s corporate workplaces. You may’ve seen this too. It’s employee disengagement. A lot of workplaces aren’t doing enough to challenge, invigorate and inspire their employees (many of whom will spend most of their working lives in corporate!).

The result? Complacency. Boredom. And, worst of all, self-doubt.

To me, there’s nothing more tragic than when a human questions his or her worth. Disruptive capability programs provide the tools to employees that can disrupt dormancy in the workplace – the very dormancy that fuels doubt, dismay, and even personal crisis.

These tools aren’t just business-savvy. They’re personally transformative!

For me, this story is personal.

It wasn’t long ago that I was suffering from complete dismay for my own life. I left a successful corporate career with the dream of bringing passionate work to people in corporate life. Suddenly, my world turned upside down. My wife left me. I lost everything in our separation. My time with my 3 wonderful children was cut in half. I lost the identity of everything that I thought I was. In turn, I began to lose my zest for life and my deeply-held passion for helping people.

I became a shadow of myself, and suffered a total breakdown.

One day, my brother took it upon himself to “disrupt” what my life had become. He gathered family and friends to stage a loving intervention. From that day forward, they gave me the support and determination I needed to disrupt my path of self-destruction, so I could rediscover my passion for life.

Along the way, I realized the professional talents I had built in disruptive capability were exactly what I needed to rebuild my life from the inside, out!

Today, I share the tools of disruptive capability to make marketing teams shine. But, deep down, I know that these tools can also help the humans in your corporate workplace “disrupt” any doubt or complacency that they may be feeling – within their careers, or in their lives.

As a trainer, facilitator & coach I’ve brought disruptive capability programs to respected companies including Asahi, CUB, BlackRock, Mondelez, Pepsi, SAB Miller, Fonterra, Cadbury, Heinz, Coles, Schweppes, Laminex, AFL, Treasury Wine Estates, Golden Circle and Kraft. Several workplace achievements include helping create and launch Pure Blonde within 90 days (a half-billion dollar beer brand), and create and develop “FAME”, a globally-recognized capability program. Both these successes continue to inspire my teaching and facilitating.

Beyond my work, I’m now a solo, full time dad to 3 amazing kids who are my light, inspiration and joy. I’m also a massive Hawks footy fan, have an Aboriginal art collection, and spend many days in semi -religious devotion to the musician, singer and songwriter, Bruce Springsteen. (If I didn’t mention it a few times already!)

As the great Boss so poetically pronounced: “God have mercy on the man, who doubts what he is sure of.”

My disruptive capability programs will provoke the entrepreneurial mindsets and creative mentalities of your marketing team – while inspiring these humans to connect to a passion for life, entirely. They’ll be engaged, enthralled, and realizing that this is one of the amazing moments in their working lives that they’ll remember for a long while.

Let’s unlock the imagination and creativity that all innovative ability requires – and, in turn, help your employees feel really, really good about themselves, and their work.

Click here to explore my services. For speaking inquiries or with other questions, email me at mark@marktruelson.com today. I look forward to connecting with you!



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