FAME – Fostering Accountable Marketing Excellence

There’s a new growth imperative shaping the future of marketing and many companies face a capability gap. It has been brilliantly brought to life in the book The Growth Drivers by Andy Bird & Mhairi McEwan. It has greatly influenced a program that I present called FAME that outlines the personnas, tools and frameworks that enable Marketing Excellence to occur in your organization.

In conjunction I work with organisations at a much deeper level to embed marketing capability across the entire business via the FAME WAY. This is where we up-skill capabilities, develop winning processes and build future marketing leaders. The Growth Drivers outlines that Marketers are just as important as Markets & Marketing in the Transformation equation.

FAME Growth Equation (source The Growth Drivers )

It amazes me in my Learning travels with Big Corporates that there is an assumption that all Marketers have ‘black belt’ excellence. These same corporates will invest $$millions into sales capability but zero into marketing capability. “They have been to University”. In FAME, we aim to help business and marketing leaders reach a new, deeper appreciation of the role of key, inter-related drivers of sustainable, profitable, demand-led growth. In particular the role Marketing Capability plays in creating consumer value and demand led growth.

We are experiencing a time of unparalleled change, transforming the way we live, learn, communicate and collaborate. Growing customer expectations and the impact of technology have dramatically changed the operating landscape for organisations and brands.

The winning organisations will be those that continue to lift their marketing capabilities: equipping marketers to build insights into customers’ needs, build purposeful brands and engage people across the organisation to deliver a valued customer experience.

Bearing this in mind the FAME Propeller outlines 14 modules that every marketer should undertake.

FAME Propeller (adapted from The Growth Drivers )

The FAME Propeller provides a framework that outlines the key drivers of marketing effectiveness and therefore helps defines the role of Marketer’s in practice. In so doing it identifies the core capabilities that Marketers need to drive sustainable, profitable, demand-led growth. This does not mean that every individual Marketer needs to excel at all these areas, but that any organisation aspiring to be world class at Marketing needs to consider how well it performs as a whole against the FAME Propeller.

Typical Services

Brand & Corporate Purpose, Capability Strategy & Plans, Learning & Engagement Programmes

Typical Projects

  • Redefining the marketing function: its purpose, organisation design, operating model;
  • Assessing marketing capabilities and identifying the priority gaps that are a barrier to growth;
  • Designing and embedding the specific ways of marketing for organisations to deliver clarity, consistency and excellence across a global team;
  • Delivering learning experiences structured around current brand or marketing issues, helping marketers apply new skills to develop fresh solutions in specific areas, such as marketing strategy, innovation platforms, insight and brand positioning


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